Hakea plurinervia Proteaceae

Form and Size: A small to medium shrub. 1-4m high

Distribution: North-eastern to south-eastern Qld.; on coastal ranges and tablelands

Leaves: Narrow egg-shaped or oval, often sickle-shaped, tip pointed, leathery, dark green or yellow-green, 5-9 longitudinal veins, 7-20cm x 0.5-3.5cm

Bark: Grey, smooth

Flowers: Cream, white or pink, perfumed, about 0.3cm long; borne in small clusters in the leaf axils

Flowering Period: June to October

Fruit: Follicles, woody, rough, egg-shaped, curved upwards to a sharp beak, 2-3.5cm x 1.2-1.6cm

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed which should only be lightly covered. Found in full sun or partial shade, but always in well drained sites.