Guioa montana Sapindaceae

Mountain Guioa

Form and Size: A small to medium tree, 8-12m high, with a dense, bushy crown

Distribution: Highland rainforests of north-eastern Qld., above 1000m altitude

Leaves: Pinnate, 2-4cm long; 2-6 leaflets, oblong or oval, tip pointed, leathery, dark green and shiny above,
paler and sparsely hairy beneath, 4-10cm x 1.5-3.5cm

Flowers: Whitish, 0.5-0.6cm diameter; borne in sparse panicles 3-12cm long in the axils

Flowering Period: September to November

Fruit: Capsules, keeled, 1-1.5cm x 2-2.5cm

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed