Guioa acutifolia Sapindaceae

Guioa acutifolia

Form and Size: A small to medium tree, 8-15m high

Distribution: Highland and lowland rainforests from Cape York to Fraser Island, Qld

Leaves: Pinnate, 5-10cm long; 2-8 leaflets, oblong or oval, sickle-shaped, tip pointed, dark green and smooth above, paler beneath, 5-18cm x 2-6cm

Bark: Grey, smooth

Flowers: Cream to pink, perfumed, 0.3- 0.4cm diameter; borne on axillary inflorescences to 14cm long

Flowering Period: August to October

Fruit: Capsules, 3-lobed, yellow to reddish, 1-1.2cm x 1-2cm

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed. Needs protection from sun while young.