Grewia retusifolia Sparrmanniaceae

Emu Berry, Dog’s Balls, Dysentery Plant

Form and Size: A small shrub, 1-2m high

Distribution: Widespread across tropical Australia in woodlands and particularly along stream banks

Leaves: Elongated oval, wrinkled, dull green and coarsely hairy above, whitish and softly hairy beneath, margins serrated, 3 conspicuous veins arising near the base and raised beneath, 5-8cm x 2-3cm; new growth softly hairy

Flowers: Greenish, about 0.8cm diameter; in small clusters along the branches

Flowering Period: November to February

Fruit: Red-brown, oblong to flattened-globular, 2-4 lobed, 0.6-0.7cm x 1-1.2cm

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed or cuttings. An easily grown plant the fruit is edible and has been used for making drinks.