Geijera salicifolia Rutaceae

Scrub Wilga, Greenheart, Green Satinheart


Form and Size: A medium tree, 8-25m high, with dense foliage

Distribution: From Barron River, Cairns, Qld to Illawarra NSW; in coastal forests and valleys of the tablelands

Leaves: Egg-shaped to broadly lance-shaped, green, smooth, glossy, tip blunt, stalk channelled, margins incurved, 7-13cm x 3- 5cm

Bark: Dark red-brown to grey

Flowers: White, to 0.6cm diameter borne in small panicles

Flowering Period: September to November

Fruit: Globular, about 0.6cm diameter; seeds black, glossy

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed. A good shade tree for a wide range of coastal or coastal range conditions. The timber is tough and has been used for cabinet making and mouldings.

Geijera salicifolia