Dubouzetia saxatilis Elaeocarpaceae

Cliff Quandong

Photo: Keith Townsend

Distribution: Found only on ranges south-west of Townsville, on steep rhyolitic cliff faces.

Form and Size: A small woody shrub to 80cm tall.

Leaves: Oval to egg-shaped, shiny green above, dull and hairy beneath, margins sometimes wavy, 3.1-6.8cm x 1.5-2.6cm; spirally arranged on the stem. Old leaves turn red before falling.

Flowers: White, bell-shaped, 5 petals, 0.8-1.0cm x 0.5-0.75cm; borne on long stalks to 2cm in clusters of 3-6.

Flowering Period: Sporadic, appears to flower several times a year, particularly in cultivation.

Fruit: A thin walled capsule, 3-4 lobed, 0.9cm x 1.1cm.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate by seed or from cuttings. Grows and flowers well in a large pot.

Photo: Keith Townsend

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