Curculigo ensifolia Hypoxidaceae

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Common Name: Grass Potato.

Form and Size: A grass-like plant, usually in solitary clumps.

Distribution: Qld. coastal areas, N.T., Kimberleys and northern N.S.W.; often in alluvial soils or woodlands, usually in soils containing a high amount of organic matter.

Leaves: Grass-like, narrow at the base, 10-50cm long, corrugated or folded like a fan in cross section, long fine hairs, particularly toward the base; always held upright.

Flowers: Yellow, six petals, borne on short, hairy stems from the base of the leaves.

Flowering Period: January to February.

Fruit: A capsule, 6-11mm long, at ground level; seeds black, 3-4.5mm x 2mm.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed, the tap root is edible and was eaten by aborigines.