Corymbia intermedia Myrtaceae

Pink Bloodwood

Form and Size: A medium to large tree, 20-30m high, with a solitary trunk and spreading canopy

Distribution: East coast of Qld. and northern NSW

Adult Leaves: Lance-shaped or broadly lance-shaped, egg-shaped or diamond-shaped, shiny, dark green, paler beneath, intramarginal vein distinct beneath, 8-15cm x 1.5-3cm

Bark: Tessellated throughout, fibrous, light grey to light brown

Buds: Pear-shaped to egg-shaped; base 7-12mm long, 5-7mm wide; cap conical, 2-4mm long, 4-6mm wide

Flowers: Cream to white, about 2cm diameter borne in clusters of 5-7, several clusters forming large terminal inflorescences

Flowering Period: December to March

Fruit: Capsules, urn-shaped or egg-shaped, thick-rimmed, covered with numerous brownish dots, 10-21mm long, 8-l6mm wide; valves at rim- level

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed. Large heads of white flowers are very noticeable and attract nectar-feeding birds. It is a significant source of honey.