Chloanthes parviflora Lamiaceae

Form and Size: A dwarf shrub, 0.3-1m high

Distribution: North-eastern Qld, to south-eastern NSW; in forests and woodlands

Leaves: Very narrow, margins turned under, appearing almost cylindrical, pale green and rough above, woolly beneath, 1-4cm x 0.2- 0.5cm

Flowers: Pale mauve with a purple-spotted throat, tubular, hairy, glandular, lower lobe largest, about 3.2cm long; borne singly in the axils

Flowering Period: June to November

Fruit: Dry, 4-celled, about 0.5cm diameter

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed or cuttings. Prefers well drained, light soils and dappled shade to full sun.