Backhousia tetraptera Myrtaceae

Mt Stuart Mystery Tree

Form & Size: Tree, often multi-trunked, usually to 5m but occasionally to 12m, coppicing

Distribution: Known only from an isolated population near the summit of Mt. Stuart, Townsville

Leaves: Simple, opposite, lance shaped to oval, 5.5-9cm x 1.5-3.8cm, apex acute to acuminate, green, new growth reddish

Bark: Flaky, thin, grey to mottled grey-brown to pink

Flowers: White, terminal or in upper axils in clusters of 10, numerous stamens (56-65)

Flowering Period: Flowers about 4 weeks after the first substantial rain of the wet season

Fruit: Dry, indehiscent, 4-winged capsules, pink fading to white and brown, about 6mm x 5mm, in compact clusters

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