Acacia crassicarpa Mimosaceae

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Form and Size: Small to medium tree, 6-15m in height.

Distribution: Coastal districts of north-eastern Qld., and P.N.G.; usually along stream banks.

Phyllodes: Sickle-shaped, covered with a blue-grey bloom, 11-20cm x 1-3.5cm; 3-5 prominent yellowish veins running into the lower margin at the base.

Flowers: Yellow spikes, 4-6cm long, in small clusters.

Flowering Period: June to September.

Fruit: Pods, brown, woody, 5-8cm x 2.5-3.5cm; diagonal veins and raised margins, similar to, but not as heavily marked as A aulacocarpa; seeds transverse in the pod.

Distinctive Features: A very similar plant to A. aulacocarpa, which has phyllodes 5-15cm x 0.6-2.5cm, and narrower but more heavily marked pods.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed. Wood is hard and attractively marked.