Santalum lanceolatum Santalaceae

Sandalwood, Plumwood

Form and Size: An evergreen, erect tree 2-5m high with pendulous branches; it is a root parasite and relies on grasses or small shrubs to supply some of its nutrient requirements

Distribution: Seasonally dry areas of all mainland states

Leaves: Narrow, opposite, bluish-green, fleshy, 3-8cm x 2-4cm, pendulous

Flowers: Cream to pale green, small; borne in small axillary or terminal clusters

Flowering Period: July to August

Fruit: Berries, blue-black, about 1cm diameter; a scar at the end

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed at least one year old
The kernel should be removed and sterilised in household bleach, then placed in a plastic bag with moist wood shavings and kept in a cool dark place until germination takes place in about 3 weeks
The fruit are edible and work is being done on commercial cultivation with a view to jam making
The timber is fragrant and has been widely used, particularly in Asia, for incense