Polyscias elegans Araliaceae

Celery Wood

Polyscias elegans

Form and Size: A bushy tree to 10m tall with a spreading crown

Distribution: Rainforests and scrubs from north-eastern Qld to south-eastern NSW

Leaves:  Pinnate or bipinnate, to 1m long; numerous egg-shaped leaflets, pointed, shiny, dark green above, paler beneath,
to 12cm x 4cm; crushed leaves have a smell similar to celery

Flowers: Purple, small; borne on large, much-branched panicles

Flowering Period: February to April

Fruit:  Black, globular, flattish, fleshy, about 0.5cm diameter

Cultivation/Notes:  Propagate from fresh seed
A fast growing tree giving good shade under a spreading canopy
May be grown as a pot specimen while young. Prefers organically rich, loamy soils and ample water

Polyscias elegans