Pleiogynium timorense Anacardiaceae

Burdekin Plum

Form and Size: A medium, densely canopied tree to 20m; deciduous

Distribution: North-eastern Qld and south to around Gympie; in scrubs and vine thickets and along watercourses

Leaves: Pinnate, to 18cm long; 5-11 leaflets, egg-shaped, glossy, dark green, stiff-textured, margins sometimes wavy,
inner pair of leaflets smaller than the others, to 12cm x 4cm

Bark: Dark, rough

Flowers: Yellowish-green, small; male on drooping panicles, female on spikes about 5cm long

Flowering Period: January to March

Fruit: Purple, fleshy, plum-like, more or less pumpkin-shaped or flattened-globular, to 5cm diameter; a single large stony,
pitted seed case containing a number of seeds

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed
A very hardy tree with dense, very dark green foliage
The fruit are edible when ripe, although sometimes acidic to the taste, and make excellent jam or jelly
The fruit usually has purple flesh, but white-fleshed varieties are found which are reportedly less acidic