Melaleuca dealbata Myrtaceae

Cloudy Tea Tree

Photo: Julia Hazel

Form and Size: A large, spreading tree, 5-20m high, with blue-grey foliage and distinctive finely-hairy new growth.

Photo: Julia Hazel

Distribution: Cape York and eastern coastal Qld., Top End of N.T. and W.A.; along stream banks, in swampy areas and open woodlands.
Leaves: Broadly oval, flat, dull blue-grey, 5-7 longitudinal veins, 5.5-13cm x 1.5-2.7cm; new growth densely hairy.

Bark: Cream to grey, papery layers.

Photo: Julia Hazel

Flowers: Creamy-white, scented; borne on cylindrical spikes 7-12cm x about 2cm, carried in groups of 1-4.

Photo: John Elliott

Flowering Period: August to November.

Fruit: Capsules, woody, cup-shaped, hairy, 0.3-0.4cm x 0.3-0.5cm.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed. A good shade or shelter tree for well drained or beach front soils; suitable for coastal dune stabilisation.