Mallotus nesophilus Euphorbiaceae

Yellow Ball Flower

Form and Size: A small bushy tree, 4-l0m high.

Distribution: Across northern Australia; in vine thickets and open woodlands.

Leaves: Broadly egg-shaped or heart-shaped, thin, dark green and sparsely hairy above, whitish and finely hairy with prominent veins beneath; 4.5-13cm x 4.5-8cm.

Flowers: Separate male and female plants. Male flowers small, cream to yellow-green, female white; borne in racemes to 7.5cm long, terminally or in the upper axils.

Flowering Period: March to September.

Fruit: Capsules, woody, roundish, 0.5-0.7cm across, coated in mealy yellow powder.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed.