Hardenbergia perbrevidens Fabaceae

Family: Form and Size: A climber or trailer with a woody rootstock

Distribution: North-eastern Qld.; on slopes and ranges, usually in shallow sandy soils or rocky areas

Leaves: Trifoliolate; leaflets narrow egg-shaped or oval, base blunt, tip blunt but with a small point, green and smooth above, bluish beneath, veins prominent, 2-9.5cm x 0.5- 3.5cm

Flowers: Pea-shaped, deep mauve to purple, yellow markings near the centre, about 1cm across;
borne in racemes about 20cm long

Flowering Period: June to September

Fruit: Pods, grey-brown to black, flattened, smooth, about 6.5cm x 1cm

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from lightly scarified seed, or cuttings. Not known in cultivation but should have similar uses and needs as H. violacea