Grevillea sessilis Proteaceae

Form and Size: A medium to tall shrub, 2-6m high

Distribution: Northern and central Qld, on ranges of the Great Divide; on sandy soils in open woodland

Leaves: 5-16cm long, pinnately divided into 5-12 narrowly lance-shaped segments 2.5-8cm x 0.4-1cm. dull green above,
silvery and hairy beneath, tip pointed

Flowers: Cream to white, crowded; borne on cylindrical, terminal spikes 5-8cm long

Flowering Period: June to November

Fruit: Follicles, egg-shaped, hairy, beaked, 1.5-1.7cm x 1cm; seeds narrowly winged

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed. This species has been used as one of the parents for a number of hybrids developed from tropical Grevilleas. Natural hybrids are found from time to time in the wild.