Grevillea decora Proteaceae

Form and Size: A medium, upright shrub, 2-5m high

Distribution: Along the Great Dividing Range in Qld. from near Laura to Miles; in open woodland

Leaves: Narrowly egg-shaped or oval, leathery, dull greyish-green, 7-18cm x 2.5-7cm; new growth bronze-red, hairy

Flowers: Dull, bronze-red; borne in dense, terminal, one-sided racemes 8-15cm long

Flowering Period: April to October

Fruit: Follicles, leathery, hairy, style persistent, 1.0-1.8cm x 0.8-1.1cm

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed. A colourful plant which does well in dry tropical areas. Needs well drained soil and regular light pruning to prevent it from becoming sparse.

Grevillea decora                       

Grevillea decora