Gastrolobium grandiflorum Fabaceae

Heart Leaf Poison

Form and Size: A small shrub, 1-2m high, usually with multiple branches

Distribution: Across northern Australia, in inland areas; on rocky ridges or along sandy watercourses

Leaves: Usually opposite, egg-shaped, oblong or oval, dull green or grey-green, tip blunt or notched,
veins prominent, 3-6cm x about 3cm

Flowers: Pea-shaped, dark red to maroon, about 1.5cm diameter, borne in small terminal racemes

Flowering Period: July to September

Fruit: Pods, brown, about 1cm long

Cultivation/Notes: This plant has very striking flowers but is not usually cultivated as it is very toxic to most animals. The toxin is monofluoroacetic acid, a form of which is the poison ‘1080’, widely used for control of rabbits and other animal pests.