Freycinetia excelsa Pandanaceae

Slender Climbing Pandan

Form and Size: A small, slender climber with stems less than 1cm diameter

Distribution: Eastern Qld. and north-eastern N.S.W.; in rainforests and other moist forests

Leaves: Narrow, rigid, stem-sheathing at the base, tip tapering, margins prickly at the base, 20-50cm x 0.6-0.8cm

Flowers: Male spikes white 2-3cm x 1-1.5cm; female heads egg-shaped, 3-4cm x 2-3cm;
borne in an inflorescence subtended by fleshy red bracts 5-7cm x 2.5-3.5cm

Flowering Period: June to October

Fruit: Berries, bright red, about 0.7cm diameter; borne in clusters

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed. Somewhat untidy in the wild where it scrambles over logs and rocks, but attractive in a rainforest planting if it is controlled. Needs a shady, moist position