Flueggea virosa subsp. melanthesoides Phyllanthaceae

White Currant Bush

Form and Size: A small, spreading shrub, 1-4m high; often deciduous in the dry season

Distribution: Across tropical north Australia and down the east coast to northern NSW

Leaves: Oval, pointed tip, thin-textured, light green above, paler beneath, veins raised beneath, 3.5-8.5cm x 2.5-5.5cm

Flowers: Separate male and female plants, cream-green, about 0.4cm diameter; borne in clusters along the length of the stems

Flowering Period: October to February

Fruit: Berries, rounded, white, fleshy, 0.5-0.8cm diameter; borne profusely in clusters along the stems

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed. A plant with limited ornamental appeal, however the fruit are edible and were eaten by Aborigines.