Flindersia pimenteliana Rutaceae

Maple Silkwood

Form and Size: A large tree, 25-35m high

Distribution: Rainforests of north-eastern Qld

Leaves: Opposite, pinnate, 10-30cm long; 2-10 leaflets, leathery or papery, dark green above, paler beneath, 3.5-16cm x 1.5-6.5cm

Bark: Grey, pustular

Flowers: Petals red about 0.6cm diameter; borne in terminal panicles to 30cm long

Flowering Period: November to December

Fruit: Capsules, oblong, reddish-brown, covered in pointed bumps, 5-11cm long; seeds 4-6cm long, winged at both ends

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed. A fast growing plant requiring rich soils and plenty of moisture. An excellent shade or specimen tree. The timber is very similar to F. brayleyana and is widely used for cabinet making, mouldings and veneers.