Eucalyptus platyphylla Myrtaceae

Poplar Gum

Form and Size: A small to medium tree, 8-20m high, with a solitary trunk, often crooked; deciduous, particularly in dry years.

Distribution: Eastern Qld, from Cape York to Rockhampton;
usually within 100km of the coast, often in clay soils

Adult Leaves: Rounded, sometimes heart-shaped or broadly egg-shaped, thin, green lateral veins at 45°-55°, 7-13cm x 5-9cm

Bark: Smooth, white or grey, often powdery, deciduous

Buds: Egg-shaped; base hemispherical, 3-5mm long, 5-6mm wide;
cap hemispherical with a small point, 3-5mm long, 5-6mm wide

Flowers: White, about 1.5cm diameter; borne in small clusters of 3-7

Flowering Period: August to October

Fruit: Capsules, hemispherical, 5-6mm long, 7-9mm wide; valves exserted

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed. An ornamental tree which grows on most soil types and is very much at home on clay flats
It has a reputation for losing branches in windstorms and is not recommended for planting close to buildings in cyclone areas Hollow branches provide habitat for a wide range of fauna.

Eucalyptus platyphylla is one of the dominant Eucalypts of the Townsville region, forming large stands on the coastal ranges. It is easily distinguished by its pale smooth trunk changing seasonally from cream to salmon pink, and the unusually large round leaves.  In maturity this species can have a distinctly ‘weeping’ habit.