Eucalyptus paedoglauca Myrtaceae

Mt Stuart Ironbark

Eucalyptus paedoglauca

Form and Size: A typical ironbark tree to 10m

Distribution: Severely restricted to Mt Stuart and several other mountain ranges just south and west of Townsville. As a consequence its conservation status is listed as “vulnerable”.

Adult Leaves:  Lanceolate, dull green and alternate

Young Leaves:  The new leaves are ovate, glaucous and distinctly grey green, hence the species name. These easily distinguish it from Eucalyptus crebra which is more commonly distributed on the coastal plains.

 Bark:  Hard, black, furrowed persistent ironbark

Buds: Egg shaped, cap shed on flowering

Flower:  White, disc shaped, in clusters of 3-7, each with many thread like stamens

For a full description of this species and its status see “Rare and Threatened Plants of the Townsville Thuringowa Region” by Greg Calvert, Con Lokkers and Russell Cumming, 2005.