Elaeocarpus largiflorens Elaeocarpaceae

Tropical Quandong

Eaeocarpus largiflorens

Form and Size: A medium tree, 12-20m high

Distribution: Lowland and highland rainforests of north-eastern Qld., between Mt. Spec and Mt. Spurgeon

Leaves: Egg-shaped or oval, tip pointed, margins may be toothed, dark green and glossy above, paler beneath, 8-15cm x 4-6cm; new growth covered with dense brown hairs

Bark: Brown, pustular

Flowers: White, about 1.2cm diameter, petals 2-6 lobed; borne in racemes 4-8cm long in the upper axils

Flowering Period: January to March

Fruit: Blue, egg-shaped, about 2cm long

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed. The sap of this tree is reported to be an irritant to sensitive skin.