Dodonaea uncinata Sapindaceae

Male flowers

Form and Size: A dwarf or small spreading shrub, 0.5-1m high, with arching branches

Distribution: Hidden Valley/Mt. Spec, a small area to the north-west of Townsville; in open forest, usually on sandstone soils

Leaves: Pinnate, 0.5-1cm long, central stalk winged; 4-8 leaflets, opposite, egg-shaped, sticky, olive green, tip has 3-6 teeth, 0.7cm x 0.3cm

Flowers: Male and female on separate plants; in terminal clusters

Flowering Period: May to June

Fruit: Capsules, 4-winged, sticky, smooth, bright red to purple, 1-1.6cm x 0.9-1.4cm

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed or cuttings. Needs well drained, fairly light soils, and partial to full sun. Prune to maintain a bushy habit. See also D. boroniifolia, a similar species, which may be distinguished by its flowers which are borne in the leaf axils.