Dendrocnide moroides Urticaceae

Mulberry-leaved Stinger

Form and Size: A shrub to 4m high which forms suckering colonies; stems very hairy

Distribution: Rainforests from the Atherton Tablelands, Qld. to Lismore, NSW

Leaves: Broadly egg-shaped to heart-shaped, tip pointed, peltate, dark green to purplish green, very hairy, margins toothed, 6-30cm x 4-20cm

Flowers: Male and female on separate plants; small, borne on short axillary panicles

Flowering Period: April to May

Fruit: A nut, 0.1-0.2cm across, surmounted by a fleshy stalk which is pink to purplish

Distinctive Features: Differs from D. cordata by the peltate leaves

Cultivation/Notes: The most widely distributed of the ‘Stinging Trees’, this species grows rapidly in disturbed areas of forest, and is the cause of many severe stinging attacks. Effects of the stinging may recur over a considerable period of time.

Not recommended for cultivation!!