Croton triacros Euphorbiaceae

Spear Birch

Croton triacros

Form and Size: A tall shrub or bushy, small tree, 6-8m high, with long, straight stems

Distribution: North-eastern Qld,; in rainforests and along streams in open forest

Leaves: Egg-shaped, leathery, yellowish-green, smooth and shiny above, dull beneath, margins slightly toothed, 10-25cm x 4-6cm

Flowers: Male and female flowers borne on separate racemes, which are 5-10cm long

Flowering Period: October to December

Fruit: Capsules, 3-lobed, about 0.8cm long, covered with star-like hairs

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed or cuttings. Needs well drained soil and a protected position. The long, straight stems were used by Aboriginal people to make spears. Leaves turn bright orange before they fall.