Corymbia tessellaris Myrtaceae

Carbeen, Moreton Bay Ash

Form and Size: A large tree to 30m high; solitary trunk but branching widely at upper levels; foliage pendulous

Distribution: Eastern Qld and northern NSW; on plains and undulating country in open woodlands

Adult Leaves: Narrow lance-shaped, often sickle-shaped, tip long and tapering, dull grey-green, 12-18cm x 0.7-1.7cm

Bark: A basal ‘stocking’ of grey, tessellated bark for 1-2m; smooth and whitish to grey above, deciduous

Buds: Pear-shaped; base 5-6mm long, 3-5mm wide; cap saucer-shaped with a small point, 1-2mm long, 3-4mm wide

Flowers: White, about 1.5cm diameter, borne in clusters of 2-4, several clusters forming slender panicles

Flowering Period: November to January

Fruit: Capsules, egg-shaped to cylindrical, thin-walled, 8-11mm long, 6-8mm wide; valves enclosed

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed. A very attractive but large tree, suitable for larger gardens and acreages.


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