Corymbia dallachiana Myrtaceae

Dallachy’s Gum

 Form and Size: A tree 15-20m high, usually with a clean, smooth trunk

Distribution: Central northern Cape York to Rockhampton, east of the Dividing Range, usually as isolated plants in grassy woodlands

Adult Leaves: Lance-shaped, long pointed tip, 10-26cm x 1.1-3.4cm, margins wavy; new growth in spring is a dark reddish/maroon

Bark: Smooth, pink to white fading to grey with age; a few reddish/brown scales at the base of the trunk

Buds: Pear-shaped, 5-7mm x 4-5mm; hemispherical cap to half as long as the base

Flowers: Cream, usually in clusters of 3-7

Flowering Period: November to December

Fruit: Egg-shaped, 9-13mm x 7-10mm

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed. A common tree throughout the distribution area but usually found as isolated plants, rarely in clusters.