Cordia dichotoma Boraginaceae

Cordia Tree, Glueberry Tree

Form and Size: A small to medium, spreading tree, 5-20m tall

Distribution: Coastal rainforests of Qld and NT

Leaves: Opposite, egg-shaped or rounded, blunt, 3-5 conspicuous veins, veins hairy on underside, stalk 3-4cm long, new growth is smooth, 5-8cm x 2-4cm

Flowers: White, sessile; borne in loose, branched clusters;
some trees carry male flowers only, others dual-sex flowers

Flowering Period: January to May

Fruit: Yellow or pinkish, egg-shaped, 1-1.5cm long

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed which must be sown while very fresh
Requires well drained soil and a sunny position. Tolerant of wind and salt spray
Fairly slow growing.