Corchorus hygrophilus Malvaceae

Native Jute

Form and Size: A small shrub to 75cms tall

Distribution: Occurs in isolated populations between Mundubbera in central Queensland to Magnetic Island

Leaves: Toothed, alternate, oval-shaped, 80-120mm long by 20-70mm wide

Flowers: Yellow, borne in clusters of 6-8 opposite to leaves
Four sepals and four petals

Fruit: A capsule, broadly oval shaped, 10mm long by 6mm diameter
Surface knobbed or wrinkled, without hairs or bristles

Distinctive features: Grows on the margins of vine thickets, on granite soils. Is easily distinguished from similar Corchorus species which all have five petals and sepals. Conservation status is Rare

Type: [Queensland, North Kennedy Dustrict:] Cleveland Bay, June 1819, A. Cunningham 200 (holo: K!)