Cayratia trifolia Vitaceae

Native Grape

Form and Size: A small climber, 1-3m tall, with a tuberous root system
It climbs by means of suction pads on the tips of tendril branches

Distribution: Qld, NT and WA; in open forest country across the top end

Leaves: Compound of 3 leaflets; leaflets egg-shaped, thin, softly hairy. 3-8cm x 2-4cm; margins coarsely toothed

Flowers: Small, greenish; borne in long, branched clusters

Flowering Period: February to April

Fruit: Berries, flattened, black, to about 0.8cm diameter

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed or stem cuttings. A hardy, herbaceous climber which dies back to the tuber in the dry season and reappears with the seasonal wet. May be grown in a hanging basket.