Canavalia papuana Fabaceae

Form and Size: A climber with thin, wiry stems, smooth except at the nodes, 1-4m high

Distribution: Far northern Qld and PNG

Leaves: Trifoliolate; leaf stalks 4-10cm in length, channelled on the upper side; leaflets egg-shaped, oval, membraneous, blunt, 10-13cm x 5-8cm

Flowers: Pea-flowers, purple, about 3cm long, keel curved and blunt; borne in racemes of 10-20 flowers

Flowering Period: November to March

Fruit: Pods, oblong, keeled, 6-8cm x 1.5-2cm

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed. A little known species restricted to warm, moist, coastal districts of far north Qld.