Canarium australianum Burseraceae

Melville Island White Beech

Canarium australianum

Form and Size: A small to medium tree, 10-15m high, with separate male and female plants; deciduous

Distribution: Qld, NT and WA; generally along stream banks or in rainforests

Leaves: Pinnate, to 35cm long; 5-9 leaflets, egg-shaped or oblong, leathery, smooth, shiny, 5-10cm x 3-5cm

Bark: Creamy-grey

Flowers: Creamy-white, about 0.4cm diameter borne in panicles in the upper leaf axils

Flowering Period: April to August

Fruit: Blue-black, oval, about 2.5cm long

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from fresh seed. Seed may need scarifying or nicking to improve the chances of germination. A good shade tree for larger areas.