Bursaria incana Pittosporaceae

Form and Size: Tall shrub or small, sparse tree, 3-7m tall; young branches covered with soft, white hairs

Distribution: Throughout Qld. in open woodlands and dry scrubs

Leaves: Oblong, blunt, somewhat pendulous, green above, whitish and hairy beneath, 5-8cm x 2-3cm

Bark: Grey, rough

Flowers: Creamy-white, sweetly scented, about 1.2cm diameter; borne in large, dense terminal panicles

Flowering Period: February to April

Fruit: Capsules, flattened, about 1cm x 1cm

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed or cuttings.
Requires full sun and well drained conditions. In nature this plant tends to become a sparse small tree, but judicious pruning and watering should improve the shape.