Boea hygroscopica Gesneriaceae

Rock Violet

Form and Size: A small perennial herb, forming a rosette; 10-15cm tall

Distribution: Northern Qld., generally along creeks or in crevices in boulder-strewn areas

Leaves: Egg-shaped, thick, soft, wrinkled, hairy, 2-l0cm x 2-5cm

Flowers: Blue or violet, about 1cm diameter; several borne on a long, slender stalk arising from the rosette

Flowering Period: January to April

Fruit: Capsule, narrow, 2-2.5cm long

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed, division or leaf cuttings
A plant closely related to the African Violet and may be grown in pots using a coarse, well drained mixture. They are very drought resistant and sensitive to moisture; leaves will shrivel in the dry and refresh and re-green with rain.