Alphitonia excelsa Rhamnaceae

Red Ash, Soap Tree

Alphitonia excelsa

Form and Size: Slender, upright tree, variable in size, but usually not exceeding 10m outside of rainforest areas

Distribution: Qld, NT, WA and NSW in rainforests, open forests and arid areas

Leaves: Thin, elongated oval shape, smooth and olive-green above, whitish and hairy beneath, prominent veins, 7-20cm x 3.5-7.5cm

Bark: Smooth, creamy-grey

Flowers: Whitish to cream-green, numerous, small, strongly scented; in large clusters

Flowering Period: February to April

Fruit: Capsules, flattened, dry, woody, black when ripe, about 1cm diameter, several red seeds

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from seed. Very adaptable tree, suited to a wide range of conditions
Crushed leaves will lather in water and make a suitable soap substitute

Alphitonia exclesa