Albizia procera Mimosaceae

Forest Siris, Women’s Tongues

Albizia procera

Form and Size: Medium, spreading tree to 12m; semi-deciduous

Distribution: Across northern Australia in vine thickets and open woodlands

Leaves:  Bi-pinnate, 3-4 pairs of secondary leaf segments, each with 7-9 pairs of leaflets, oblong, blunt,
lighter colour beneath, 2.5- 5cm x 0.8-3cm

Bark:  Smooth, creamy-grey

Flowers: Greenish or cream, fluffy, numerous stamens; borne prolifically in terminal clusters

Flowering Period: September to October

Fruit:  Pods, smooth, thin, broad, flat, brown, raised over the seeds, 10-15cm x 1.8-2.5cm; seeds light brown, usually 6-12 in number

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed or cuttings. A hardy shade tree.