Acacia uncifera Mimosaceae

Acacia uncifera

Form and Size: Slender, dense shrub usually to no more than 3m in height

Distribution: Several areas on the Great Dividing Range in Qld, particularly common in the White Mountains area

Phyllodes: Thick, green, 2.5-5cm x 0.8-2cm, with a fine point, curved upwards; prominent central vein; margins are densely hairy, rest of phyllode lightly hairy

Flowers: Bright yellow balls borne on densely hairy stalks, in upright terminal clusters

Flowering Period: June to August

Fruit: Pods, dark brown, thin, flat, felty, 2-6.5cm x 0.6-1cm; seeds oblique to transverse in the pod

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed. Requires a sunny, well drained position

Acacia uncifera