Acacia salicina Mimosaceae

Sally wattle, Native Willow, Cooba

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Form and Size: Willowy, pendulous tree to 10m; sometimes found as a shrub 1-3m high; suckers freely.

Distribution: Inland areas of all mainland states, usually along stream banks.

Phyllodes: Pale green, smooth, oval, 4-20cm x 0.4-2.5cm; prominent central vein and faint laterals.

Bark: Rough and fissured.

Flowers: Cream to yellow ball flowers, borne either singly or in small clusters of 2-8.

Flowering Period: June to October but also sporadic.

Fruit: Pods, straight, thick, woody, fawn or light brown, 3-12cm x 0.6-1cm; seeds longitudinal, seed attachment (aril) scarlet.

Distinctive Features: Weeping habit is reminiscent of the Willow. Bark was used by Aboriginal people to poison fish as it contains saponins.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed. A long living wattle which will tolerate most soil types and dry conditions once established.