Acacia multisiliqua Mimosaceae

Form and Size: Slender, spindly shrub, 1-2m high

Distribution: Across northern areas of Qld. N.T. and W.A. on rocky ridges, gravelly and sandy soils

Phyllodes: Smooth, straight or slightly curved, grey-green, thick, fleshy, leathery, 3.5-6cm x 0.5-1cm; 3-5 longitudinal veins

Bark: Brown, smooth

Flowers: Pale yellow balls, usually singly along the stem

Flowering Period: Sporadic

Fruit: Pods, narrow, pale brown, papery. 3-6cm x 0.3-0.4cm, constricted between the seeds

Distinctive Features: Similar to A. simsii, however A. simsii has membraneous phyllodes when compared to the thick, fleshy ones of A. multisiliqua

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed