Acacia longispicata Mimosaceae

Form and Size: Tree to 10m high with large silvery phyllodes

Distribution: Generally near the Great Dividing Range in Qld., from Ravenshoe to Kingaroy

Phyllodes: Large, blue-green, sickle-shaped, 9-20cm x 1.3-4cm; three prominent longitudinal veins

Bark: Rough at base

Flowers: Bright yellow spikes, 5-12cm x 0.7- 0.8cm, usually in pairs in the leaf axils

Flowering Period: June to September

Fruit: Pods, dark, straight or curved, 3-9cm x 0.2-0.4cm, light margins;
rounded over and slightly constricted between the seeds; seeds longitudinal in the pod

Distinctive Features: Silvery foliage, flattened hairy stems and the long flower spikes

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed