Acacia leptostachya Mimosaceae

Townsville Wattle

Acacia leptostachya

Form and Size: Variable shrub to 5m, but often under 2m high; rounded shape, dense foliage

Distribution: Qld., from Cape York to Chinchilla/Charleville area in open forests

Phyllodes: Stiff, usually straight and narrow, leathery, grey-green, 3-9cm x 0.3-1cm; many longitudinal veins

Bark: Dark grey, fissured

Flowers: Golden yellow spikes, 2-4cm long in pairs or more from the leaf axils

Flowering Period: June to August

Fruit: Pods, variable, narrow, curved, to 6cm long; seeds may be longitudinal or transverse in the pod

Distinctive Features: Young growth on both branchlets and phyllodes is hairy

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed. Does best in full sun and a dry position

Acacia leptostachya