Acacia leptocarpa Mimosaceae

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Form and Size: Medium tree to 10m with rounded crown and pendulous foliage.

Distribution: Northern areas of Qld., N.T. and W.A. in coastal eucalypt forest, along freshwater stream banks and seasonal swampy areas.

Phyllodes: Dark green, shiny, long and sickle-shaped, 13-23cm x 1.5-3cm; 2-4 longitudinal veins.

Bark: Dark grey and rough, fissured at base.

Flowers: Yellow spikes, 4-7cm long, in pairs in the leaf axils.

Flowering Period: May to September.

Fruit: Pods, long, very narrow, papery, 10-l3cmx0.1-0.3cm, dark brown and coiled in clusters.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed. A good screening or windbreak tree and timber is useful for turning or cabinet making.