Acacia julifera ssp. julifera Mimosaceae

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Form and Size: Shrub or tree to 10m high.

Distribution: From S.E. Gulf of Carpentaria in Qld. to Clarence River in N.S.W.; in sandy or sandstone coastal areas.

Phyllodes: Smooth, sickle-shaped, bright green or grey-green, tapers to both ends, 7-25cm x 0.5-2.5cm; three or more prominent veins.

Bark: Red-brown with dark fissures.

Flowers: Bright yellow spikes, 3-5cm x 0.7-1cm in pairs or threes in the leaf axils.

Flowering Period: May to June.

Fruit: Pods, straight, woody, roundish, 5-10cm x 0.2-0.5cm; light brown, longitudinally lined; seeds longitudinal in the pod.

Distinctive Features: There are three subspecies of A. julifera. A.julifera ssp. gilbertensis from the Norman, Gilbert and Mitchell rivers area, has narrower phyllodes, smaller flower spikes and broader pods than the two species on our website.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed. A plant which can be quite spectacular when in flower. The appearance can be enhanced by planting three or more plants in a dense group.