Acacia julifera ssp. curvinervia Mimosaceae

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Form and Size: Spreading shrub or small tree 2-4m in height which branches from ground level.

Distribution: Central-western Qld. as far north as White Mountains, and in the Paluma/Hidden Valley area; usually on sandy or rocky soils.

Phyllodes: Grey-green, curved, thick, top margins wavy, 3 prominent veins, 3.5-7cm x 0.6-1.6cm.

Bark: Smooth, brown.

Flowers: Bright yellow spikes, 2.5-3cm x 0.7cm; usually in pairs in the leaf axils.

Flowering Period: May to June.

Fruit: Pods, woody, fawn, slightly curved, longitudinal veins, 5-l0cm x 0.3cm; held upright on the bush.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed