Acacia implexa Mimosaceae

Lightwood Wattle, Hickory Wattle.

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Form and Size: Bushy tree to 8m tall.

Distribution: Coast and tablelands of eastern Australia, from Atherton Tablelands in Qld. to Vic.

Phyllodes: Curved, sickle-shaped, smooth, 7-18cm x 0.6-1.6cm, tapering to both ends; numerous longitudinal veins, several more prominent than the remainder.

Bark: Rough, scaly; branchlets covered with whitish bloom.

Flowers: Cream ball flowers in small clusters.

Flowering Period: December to March.

Fruit: Pods, long, red-brown, woody, 15-25cm x 0.4-0.7cm; strongly curved and twisted and slightly constricted between the seeds; seeds longitudinal in the pod, seed attachment (aril) is white or cream.

Distinctive Features: May be confused with A. melanoxylon whose phyllodes are 4-10cm long and pods are 3-10cm long; aril is pink or bright red.

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed.