Acacia humifusa Mimosaceae

 Form and Size: Spreading, semi-prostrate shrub to 1m in height, spreading to 2m

Distribution: Across northern Australia, mostly within 100km of the coast,
and on sandstone ridges and escarpments in several inland occurrences

Phyllodes: Broad, rough, hairy, almost semi-circular, with upper margin curved much more than the lower 3.5-8cm x 2-4.5cm, 3 main longitudinal veins, the lowest running to the curved phyllode tip and others curving to the upper margin

Bark: Round, hairy branchlets.

Flowers: Short, bright yellow spikes, 1-3cm long, usually singly in the leaf axils

Flowering Period: Periodic throughout the year

Fruit: Upright clusters of narrow, hairy, papery pods, 4-8cm x 0.3-0.5cm, grey in colour. Seeds arranged longitudinally in pod.

Distinctive Features: Densely hairy phyllodes and stems and distinctive phyllode shape

Cultivation/Notes: Propagate from treated seed
Grows on sandy, well drained soil